As a CPA practice, Top Class International can assist with your business arrangements in Australia.

  • Many types of migration have the need for business services. These include:
  • Business plans and written submissions for business and investor visas.
  • Assurance of support documentation.
  • Assistance with establishing your business and finances in Australia.

Top Class International can assist you in finding suitable investments in Australia through our network of finance professionals, business brokers, venture capital firms, and commercial real estate agents, or in sourcing Australian venture capital to qualify for the Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream of the Business Talent Visa. Lastly, we can advise you about the Australian tax and regulatory environment and ensure that your business processes are suitable for Australian operations.

As both a CPA and Registered Migration Agent, Daniel must adhere to very strict professional standards in dealing with clients. Many education and migration agents are not held to these same standards.

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