Partner Visas


If you have a genuine relationship with an Australian, Daniel McKinnon can help you to get a Partner Visa.

Complete our questionnaire for an initial assessment.

“Partner visas are one of my favourite kinds of visas to assist people with, because I get to see happy couple living together in Australia. Sometimes I even get invited to a wedding!”

A Partner Visa can let you live in Australia Permanently

Partner Visas are simple in concept, but quite technical in practice. Like all visas, the applicant must prove that they meet all of the regulations to make them eligible. This involves the financial and social aspects of your relationship, and how you live together (or plan to live together) and the nature of your commitment to each other.

The centre of my service to you is a legal submission that I will write to show how you meet the criteria for a Partner Visa. This is something that only an agent trained in Australian Migration Law can do effectively.

Call me or email to discuss the exciting future with your spouse or de facto partner in Australia.

My typical Partner Visa service includes:

  • A detailed interactive questionnaire to understand your full situation in Australian Migration Law.
  • A written advice on your best option, including how to make your visa application onshore to receive a bridging visa with work rights and access to Medicare.
  • A document checklist customised for your case.
  • Document verification, reformatting and uploading.
  • Assistance and guidance in drafting detailed statements describing your relationship history.
  • A written legal submission addressing the Regulations, the evidence, and dealing with any negative issues.
  • Organising Australian Federal Police checks.
  • Organising medical assessments.
  • Lodgement of the visa application.
  • Monitoring progress and responding to requests from the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

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