Top Class International can assist with the migration needs of your business or family, and design a pathway to permanent residence and citizenship. Top Class International specialising in:

Immigration and investment

Did you know that establishing a business or investment in Australia can be a fast-track to a permanent visa? The Australian government encourages people with experience in business or investment, and with money to invest, to settle in Australia. The government also has special visas for entrepreneurs.

As an accountant with enormous experience in establishing new businesses, Daniel McKinnon can give you the best chance of obtaining your visa, AND of making a successful business in Australia.

Immigration and education

Choosing to educate your child in another country is a big family decision. Australia, and Melbourne in particular, is one of the best places in the world to obtain an education from a school, vocational training institution or university. Top Class International can advise you on the best course of study for you or your child, and can assist with applications,  enrolment, and making living arrangements. This can be for study at an Australian school, or a university at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Assisting Australian businesses with skills shortages

Top Class International assists some very successful Australian and multinational businesses with employment visas for staff recruited overseas. Many businesses choose to do their own sponsorship and visa applications. However, in a regulatory environment that has become more complex and unpredictable, some businesses are finding that the risk is too great, and the distraction from core business is too costly. If your business needs assistance in this area, feel free to call Top Class International to see how we can help.

Please contact us directly to discuss your migration needs.

Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN): 1679421.

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